THE MUPPET STORY: 71klm away from Thessaloniki ,lays a beautiful beach,named Ladhario.To get there we chose a rather unconvetional road. Taking the coastal road 24 to Moudania,at some point you turn for Gerakini village.You pass outside the villages of Ag.Mama, Kalyves,Gerakini,Psakoudia,Vatopedi and as you arrive in Metamorfosi,you turn left for Metaggitsi. This road goes through a magnificent forest,straighline for most part of it,great place to take your pictures and make some awesome videos. Easy going road,quite good asphalt,you can speed up for long distances. It will take you two hours in total to get to your destination,but its worth it! From Metaggitsi,you take the road to Salonikiou.Basically is the decent of the hill,which gives you great view to the sea that lies in front of you.Then,as you find the coastal road,you turn left ,to follow the road to Pyrgadikia. As soon as you arrive there,you will see the small harbour and you should take the road to the forest,then,at some point-you see a tavern named Kouros,remember that :p - you turn right for Assa. Only ten minutes seperate you, from this virgin beach. We literally enjoyed every minute in this beach,we saw it sunny,rainy,windy,and we captured every moment. We desided to take another road for our way back home. What did you expect? :P Returning to Pyrgadikia,we chose to ascent the mountain. This road is 16A ,which leads you to the capital of Chalkidiki, Polygyros.You pass villages Plana,Kelli,Vrastama,it's great quality road gives you the opportunity for good cornering. Amazing landscape,make sure you capture the moment! And In this road,we discovered another two alternative ways to Taksiarxi. Guess who is going back to the enchanted forest!




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