Frequently asked questions

Q: What is Motorcycle-Diaries?

A: Motorcycle-Diaries is a professional platform for motorcyclists, providing them with info about the best European riding roads, magnificent pictures and a map-planning tool that allows subscribers to organize their road trips and create their unique Motorcycle Diary. By sharing their most memorable roads and motorcycle adventures riders will turn the website into the largest European database of (yet-to-be-discovered) roads and POI’s. Motorcycle-Diaries is one of its kind and will be available in – at least for now – 5 languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and German.


Q: What does  ‘Motorcycle-Diaries original roads’ mean?

A: Motorcycle-Diaries original roads are the roads were we have been exploring ourselves and of which we can guarantee the information quality.


Q: What is a road?

A: At Motorcycle-Diaries we aim for qualitative content; in order to enjoy the content at its most roads need to be limited to the best sections of the road network. We are not looking for 150 km road books. A road is a section - on the same road number - from a village or crossroad to another village or crossroad.  We want to make sure that the mentioned road can be used in both directions.

In our philosophy this is not a road but a road book:

​This is not a road but a road book.

​This is not a road but a road book.

This is a road: L176 from Schramberg to Sankt Georgen im Schwartzwald

​L176 from Schramberg to Sankt Georgen im Schwartzwald

​L176 from Schramberg to Sankt Georgen im Schwartzwald


Q: What is a Point of interest (POI)?

A: Point of interest is a specific location that people find useful or interesting. It can be a viewpoint, a hotel, a restaurant or anywhere worth a stop. You can create your own POI and share it with the community or browse the existing ones.


Q: What is a Trip?

A: The Trip tool allows you to create a whole itinerary between start and end, and include your preferred roads. It is also possible to plan daily stops; the tool will calculate the riding distance per day. After saving your trip you can download the complete itinerary as a GPX file, automatically organized per day.


Q: Do I need a Motorcycle-Diaries account?

A: You can browse most of the site without an account; however, to share content with the community and create trips you need an account; this allows you to edit your own data and access information relevant to your biking profile.


Q: What can I do if I forgot my password?

A: Just click the Reset password link on the Sign-in page and you will receive an e-mail with information to reset your password.


Q: Can I upload a road from GPX file?

A: As we prefer quality to quantity we can’t accept GPX-upload.


Q: Can I download roads as GPX file?

A: Of course! Just click the “GPX” button next to the title of the road, load the GPX in your favourite GPS system and you’re ready to go!


Q: Can I download a trip as GPX file?

A: Of course! That’s the whole idea, after planning your trip on the platform you can download the complete trip as a GPX. Just upload the files to your favourite GPS system and you’re ready to go! Don’t forget to enable your out of office notification. Cheers!


Q: How can I search for roads?

A: On the Roads page you can see all the existing roads. By using the filters you can select the roads that match your criteria


Q: What’s the difference between a private and a public trip?

A: When you create a trip, it’s private by default. It means that only you can see it. When you make the trip public, anyone on the platform can see it and download the GPX file.


Q: How can I delete my data?

A: To delete your account and data, simply fill-in the contact form and send us a word about why you would like to delete your account.


Q: What is the Motorcycle-Diaries community?

A: The community exists of all the members of the Motorcycle-Diaries platform who are contributing and make the platform live. To make this community stronger we have created a Facebook Group. Check it here: ….    


Q: What is the difference between Motorcycle-Diaries Facebook Page and Facebook Group?

A: The Motorcycle-Diaries Facebook page is managed by the Motorcycle-Diaries crew; we share official information about Motorcycle-Diaries,  new roads, partnership information, monthly contests and lots more. The Motorcycle-Diaries Facebook group is for the Motorcycle-Diaries community. It is a place where you can exchange info with other members and discuss trips, roads, inspiration and so on.  


Q: How can I create an account on Motorcycle-Diaries?

A: Creating an account is very easy; you can either sign-in with Facebook and your profile will be pre-filled with your name, e-mail address and profile picture or you can register using an e-mail address and choose a personal password.


Q: Can I sign-up with Facebook?

A: Yes! Just click the Sign in using Facebook button on the register page and your account will be created in a few seconds.


Q: How can I edit my profile?

A: By clicking on your profile picture you’ll see a menu with a link “My Profile”. On the My Profile page you can click the link “Edit my profile” to change any data in your profile


Q: What’s the Favourites?

A: The favourites are the roads you that you have added as your favourites Road; you can add any road from the platform in your favourites by clicking the star button. You can also remove any road from your favourites in the My Profile page.


Q: Can I share my story on your blog?

A: We would love to hear about your stories and share it on our inspirational blog! Fill-in the ‘contact us’-form and let us know about your story. If we feel positive about it we’ll share it on the blog.


Q: Will Motorcycle-Diaries always be free?

A: Motorcycle-Diaries is free for end-users and we want to keep it that way. We have built strong partnership with top brands to make this platform live and free.


Q: Why is it impossible to trace a route on certain pass?

A: Some places in Europe are not routable on Google Maps; we are aware of this and we will do our utmost to have it solved soon. The tool will evolve and improvements will be added to the platform in the coming months.