THE MUPPET STORY:96Klm from Thessaloniki,there is a magical place,myths claim that Olympian Gods had their residence there. The most quick road is E1 turns to E75,goes straight line,having two tolls on your way, speed limit up to 120klm/h. You pass outside Katerini city,taking the way to Litochoro-Variko.Before you enter the village of Litochoro,you take the road to Dion. Its seems that this road goes away from mount Olympos,but basically you make an interesting maneuver inside village Dion and ascent on the mountain. Difficulty road of the ascent is 4/5.With speed limit down to 30-40klm/h,you will need about half an hour to get there from Litochoro. At some point there is a kiosk and a church at your right side,this is the first place you can park you vehicle.this is also the start for the hiking paths in the forest,where you can go either alone or with organised groups from Litichoro.And the way to the first two waterfall lakes,if you are brave enough to jump into ice cold water. The first path to the waterfall is very clear,this is what we post for you,the second is through the plane-trees,where you can use the trees and their roots to go down to the lake. If you choose to ascent to the mountain a little bit more,the road difficulty is 5/5,but is a place of magical beauty as you go further. If sports activities lead you to other side of the mountain,you go to Litochoro village and take the road to Prionia. Difficulty of the road starts at 3/5 and turns 5/5 as you get close to the top. You will need about 45minutes for the ascent. There is a beautiful shelter ,the first out of four,that is actually a restaurant and souvenir store. This is where you can go to springs of river Enipeas,there are wooden bridges you can walk over the river,you will notice the hiking paths in the forest(all villages Dion,Litochoro,Prionia,Petra ect connect through these forest paths) ,canoeing,mountain bike paths,enduro bikes paths and 4*4 cars paths,lake swimming as well as climbing on the mountain.




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