THE MUPPET STORY:We chose to make a combinatorial trip,to some of the most famous sites of Serres.The Alistrati cave,the canyon of Aggitis and finally to the springs of Aggitis,in Prosotsani. Starting our trip,we decided to go Prosotsani first.106klm away from Thessaloniki,175klm in total to reach the springs,is the village of Prosotsani.This village is closer to Drama,than Serres,although you can choose 25 ,which is the national Thessaloniki Serres road,and then turn for 12,go outside the city of Serres,all the way through the villages aaand at some point you need to turn left in 52,and drive 5 more mins to find your destination.This will take you about 1h and 55 mins.Great road,no surprises,good speed up. But ,because of this road goes through Alistrati,and we wanted to go there the following day,we chose again-what did you expect? :p - to go from E90,the old national road to Kavala,then turn to 59,go all the way to Drama,and then turn for Prosotsani. This road is a litlle bit longer,about 2h and 20mins but you can speed up for long time to decrease the distance. Myths say that Ades,took Persefoni here,after he stole her,and this cave was the main gate to the underworld.Beautiful bridge helps you cross the river,and as you go inside the cave, you will see a water mill that used to provide water to the villages. 120m length,65m width and 45m height,you walk on a bridge that goes against to the flow.Residents refer to this site as Maara.Its decorated naturally with white and red stalactites and stalagmites. Nature gives you the perfect scene to go hiking ,you will be amazed from the beauty that lies there.But if you are not a sports person,there is also a cafe-restsurant where you can enjoy your coffee among the plane trees and water sounds. to be continued..




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