Roman Königshofer: outdoor explorer

Stories of people traveling on motorcycles are not the only inspirational ones.

From time to time we discover people who travel by other means and still manage to inspire us. Their pictures caught our eyes and we would like to introduce them to you: Meet Roman Königshofer! 
He is a born outdoor explorer, a gifted photographer and videographer. Three characteristics that - when put together - can only lead to great things.

Roman Königshofer is a professional photographer and filmmaker based in Innsbruck, Austria. If you check his Instagram account you will find yourself immersed in a sea of soulful pictures of some of the most beautiful places on earth. Where is the teleport-button?

“I’m specialised in outdoor photography. I’m always looking for scenery that cannot be easily captured. I capture adventures as they happen, from sports and traveling to landscape photography. My photography is both documentary and artistic; I’m happy to hike that extra mile to get the shot.”

Roman took his first steps in photography at a young age. When he was only fourteen-years-old he was already documenting his snowboard and skate trips. His passion for adventure sports provided him with the perfect environment to gradually develop his outdoor photography skills and to gain more and more interest on the field.

“At that time I started to skate & snowboard and read a lot of magazines. My friends and I were eagerly looking out for the monthly issues so we could see new photos of the pros. It was similar with the videos. Every one or two years a new video on VHS would come out. Until today I still remember some of the scenes; we watched them so often… It was the time when I felt that urge to learn, create and document everything I did with my friends.”

That urge made him go to university to study graphic design and specialise in motion design. His talent made the rest…

“It was during a motion design job that I met friends from school again who knew my personal projects online”, he says, “these guys had a TV-magazine which was broadcasted by the company for which I did motion graphics. They were looking for a director of photography. They gave me the job, because they knew my online video work; we spent the next two years traveling the globe, following professional surfers. That was a great time!”

And then along came the Surf

Surf is much more than a sport. It’s a way of living, a culture. Almost a religion centred in the laws and heartbeat of Mother Nature. 

For Roman surf is one way to link different societies and to understand what similarities connect us all. It constantly shapes his artwork and it is the theme of two documentaries he filmed: “The Old, The Young & The Sea” (link) and  “BEYOND” (link) which we advise you to watch!

Roman’s humanism and honest interest on the cultural aspects of world populations give his work a unique touch. One feels how easily he portrays reality keeping the simplicity and harmony of its complexity.

He almost makes you feel like you see the beauty of a mountain or the sea for the first time.

“If people get joy out of my photos, if they get motivated to do something similar or if they see something in a new angle, then I did a good job. Stand-alone images can be really strong. They can move people in all kind of ways. If my images do that… I’m happy.”


Roman Königshofer

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