MD Competition: Win prizes from our partners for your road submissions!

Motorcycle-Diaries is all about discovering amazing roads, endless landscapes, hidden places, distant horizons and meeting kindred spirits. We’ll add a dash of motorcycle romance to your quests.

It's about the community

And an important part of Motorcycle-Diaries is the community! Because you know your local roads better than anyone, because you're all traveling to fantastic destinations and you probably discover many scenic roads on the way as well as great places to stay overnight.

Motorcycle-Diaries is a true inspiration haven and foremost a community platform. To encourage members of the community to share their favorite roads on the site we're organizing a competition! Every two months the roads submissions are evaluated and we rewards the best road submission with one of the following prizes:

  • A set of Bridgestone tires (matching your motorcycle wheels size).
  • An Arai helmet: Jet or Full-Face.

See our album of prizes winners on Facebook.

So how do I enter the competition?

To enter he competition you simply need to create new roads (in Europe) on the site and upload your pictures!

Please note that the following roads submission are always excluded from the competition:

  • Roads without pictures.
  • Roads with pictures which are not from the author of the road (like Google street view screenshots or images found on the Internet).
  • Roads created as Itineraries (see below about this)
  • Roads created on top of an existing road (please add your pictures to the community pictures of the existing road but don't create a duplicate road).
  • Roads created outside Europe since we're promoting roads in Europe.

Roads Vs. Itineraries?

There is often a confusion about what we call a road and an itinerary. To allow users to go to any direction when using our Trip Planner we focus on single roads. By road we mean a single stretch from point A to point B without any direction change. This always match a road number as you usually see on the maps. An itinerary on the contrary can include 2 or more different roads.

This is a road:

This is an itinerary:

A few tips to have more chances to win

We are bikers, just like you and as bikers we enjoy winding roads with great scenery, we're not really interested in straight lines crossing cities or industrial areas.

Also, as you can see on Motorcycle-Diaries we are paying great attention to the quality of the images we produce and we want to reward the members of the community making efforts by submitting great pictures!

So here are a few tips to have more chances to win:

  • Submit roads that are exciting to ride, either because the road is curvy or because the landscape is fantastic, make it both and you have a jackpot!
  • Submit pictures which are correctly exposed and where the road occupies a major part of your image. Don't hesitate to also submit a few pictures which shows the landscapes itself around that road. Nowadays all smartphones offer great photo quality and you don't necessarily need to bring a heavy camera with you!
  • Landscape orientated pictures tend to work better for....landscapes, so we usually prefer horizontal pictures.

Here are good examples from previous winners:

Now it's your turn!

So start creating roads now to enter the competition! 


Good luck!

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