Easy and hassle free: rent a bike

You don’t always need your motorcycle to enjoy a great trip. Of course, nothing beats your own customized bike, but why would you go through the hassle of shipping your bike a thousand miles when you can just as easily rent one? The proof of the pudding is in the eating, right? In this new advertorial feature, we will highlight some of our befriended motorbike rental/travel companies around. 


If you want to experience a different and exciting driving experience, come to Catalonia, Spain. The northwest of Spain has the highest concentration of superb mountain roads in Europe, and - most important – almost no traffic. Hard to believe? Maybe, but it is true. The road network that surrounds Barcelona to the Pyrenees and from the north coast to the south provides bikers with endless routes full of driving pleasure, a great deal of cultural must-sees, leisure and excellent cuisine.

Most of the travelers who go through Europe in search of unforgettable experiences know that it is very difficult to find places that are interesting for bikers and are not too crowded. This paradise exists in Catalonia. Our motorcycle tour agency (MTBCN) works on these routes.

MTBCN for the win!

Motorcycle Tours Barcelona (MTBCN) is a small agency that organizes trips and routes throughout the Catalan and Spanish territory. It has a wide range of routes for different levels, motorcycle rental, etc. When you take your own bike you will get the most out of your trip upon hiring a private and experienced guide. It doesn't matter if you travel alone or in group, the Private pro rider guide option will fit all your needs.

This service will take you to almost unknown places full of charm, and increase your driving level at the same time. Albert Escoda and his team - professional guides with a vast knowledge of the territory and a lot of pilot experience - will show you countless route options and practical tips for safe and sporty driving.

Hiring a bike is easy. Request the availability and all the info by email or phone. The daily guide rate applies to individual riders as well as to groups; i.e. the more people the less you will pay individually, as long as the group does not exceed five bikes. Should that be the case you will have to hire another guide.  

Advantages? Plenty!

What advantages does MTBCN have? You don’t need to prepare your trip in advance, there is always a professional guide waiting and prepared with everything ready who will make sure you fulfill your dream. The service you hire is very personalized; the routes are very flexible and adapted to all driving levels. You can easily pay on-site or online credit card.

More info at www.motorcycletoursbarcelona.com

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