Full-time traveller, adventurous motorcyclist, journalist, writer and the first Spanish speaking woman to make a solo round-the-world trip on her motorbike. Alicia is definitely a person worth knowing!

Alicia never has been stuck to a limiting routine. Her bold and curious spirit led her to freelance journalism, always in beautiful harmony with her travel bug! Her wild personality made her jump on two wheels and now she rarely dismounts her iron horse.   


The Traveller

In September 2011 Alicia took a job to document the round-the-world trip of a fellow traveller. Some things in life seem to happen only to show us what we should be doing instead. This job was Alicia’s wake up call. She was on the wrong side of the experience. Clearly! After finishing the job she immediately started her own solo adventure.

“After four months on the job I decided I wanted to travel alone and prove that women too can travel alone without any problems. In spite of the fact that everybody was telling me that it was too difficult and mainly dangerous. Turned out that is was more dangerous to travel in bad company than alone!”

With poor planning and half of the amount of money she had dreamed to gather Alicia set a departure date and took off. For twenty months she rode solo through five continents; a life changing and incredible experience that proved her right; she hopes it will inspire other women around the world. 

“I would love to help other women to travel on their own. To give them the confidence they need to eradicate their fears. It’s an advantage to be a woman because we don’t have the image of aggressiveness that men sometimes seem to have. In every country we will be treated with more care! We just need common sense: don’t travel at night and avoid the countries where there’s war or a lot of sexism. What’s left is the rest of the world…which is a lot!”


She finished her round-the-world trip in April 2013; but she has been travelling ever since. She has been traveling solo on her Scrambler every year to different places in the world. It’s a dream come true, because as a journalist she can travel, work and make a difference…

The Journalist

Her Journalist vein pushes her towards the reality of each country and its people, and her humanitarian heart wants to help to make a change. So, every year Alicia joins an NGO that is intervening in the country she is visiting.

“It’s very important that every trip I make has a social motif. I contact Spanish NGO’s and I try to help them by taking their money to the country, divulge their work, show how the money from the contributors is being used, etc.”

If you too would like to use your own travels to help the places you visit, click here to know more about this.


“In every country there’s something that I fall in love with, but on top of all those natural wonders, I love the people. To see how they live and how they think. To know their culture, the gastronomy and how they survive. That’s what I like, the human factor of my travels.”


The writer

A round-the-world trip must be an experience difficult to put into words, but for Alicia it came out naturally in form of an inspirational novel named “360 grados”. ¿Hablas español? Lucky you! You can sneak peek some chapters here.

“This book is a novel about a round-the-world trip where the protagonist is also a woman. I believe, or I hope, it can help other women to take the decision to travel alone. It tells you not to be afraid of creating your own reality, and to be brave!”


Be inspired

Despite her cheering for solo travelling, Alicia organises guided motorbike group trips every year. Do you like group travels? Then have a look here.

Maybe it’s the glimpse you need that will take you on a solo round-the-world adventure. Maybe not. Who knows?


“It’s very important to be a responsible traveller. To take care of the environment and try to help the people of the country you’re visiting. And to share what you see! It’s beautiful because you can tell what is happening there on livestream; people are watching your social media pages. I think it’s very important that we travellers tell the truth about the places we visit. The media tend to tell a different story, and very often it’s a negative and unrealistic one. I think the more we travel the more we realise that the world is a good place, and there’s no place for fear!”


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