Quiet twisty road very close to Lisbon. It starts in the industrial outskirts of the city near Loures, heads north through some nice scenery and ends in Forte de Alqueidao, where the Duke of Wellington defended Lisbon from Napoleon's invasion (note: not much remains of the fort apart from a few trenches but the views are worth the trip). From here you can go on to Sobral de Monte Agraco and choose to continue on the N115 to Montejunto or join the N248 to Torres Vedras, both roads are just as good as this one. WARNING: the tarmac in the very last part of this road is in really poor condition. Once you reach the village of Casal das Figueiras be extra careful as there is an off-camber left-hand corner 300 meters ahead (see picture). Also, the small road up to the fort is unpaved. I have ridden up there on a F650GS and even my MT-07 but I can imagine it would be tricky doing it on a supersport or if the trail is wet. Alternatively you can park next to the restaurant near the main road and walk up the fort (aprox 15min walk).




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