If you consider the Stelvio Pass to be the star of the alpin roads, then the bends up to the Torri di Fraele seem like diamonds. Not very far from Bormio - I think, you can even spot the city from the top - you can find another absolute masterpiece of italian construction-art. The road that leads to the artificial lake Cancano, a giant one, with the deepest green color I've ever found in the Alps. There's one artifical lake more, just behind the Cancano, placed slightly higher, with an impressive dam that makes you feel some respect. What would be if one of the dam breaks? Better not think about it.. Around the lake you'll find gravel roads. And - believe it or not - you can drive around the Cancano. Best place to practice with your dual purpose bike - but it's no problem to be there even with your sports bike. The road itself is narrow, but not as cliffy as others in the area. Was needed to build the dams, so it was made for big camions and stuff, I guess. It's easy to drive - normally, one has made the Passo Stelvio before, so no problem at all! If you are in this area - a visit is a must!




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