If you want to move from Meran to Bozen or reverse, if you don't like to drive on some kind of highway, if you have a little bit of time to spend, if you love to see the ancient way of living of the local people, and if you love to see unexpected sceneries within a short time, than this road is made for you. It start's in Terlan and leads you through some hi-speed curves up to the so called "Tschöggelberg". You'll drive to old, dark forests, that soon open to a wide, beautyful high plateau with views above the Etschtal and even the Kalterer See. You'll see big and many grassland, you'll get the impression to be in America due to the strange rocks you'll meet. You'll get from sunny, hot places into shadow and frost, and in the end you'll come to Meran, a beautyful city with mediterran climate. Traffic is mainly inexistent if you go there during weekdays. Surface is top, even if in some places there are still men at work to make the road wider and smoother. A sheer pleasure - try it!




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