As you start the road from the south*, you enter a forestry scenery with very good pavement and fast corners. As you keep climbing the mountain you exit the forestry scenery into a Rocky Mountain scenery with deep scenes into the distance. When you reach the top of the mountain, the twists and turns give place to a mostly straight road into a valley where the rocks mix with green and yellow from flowers. There you find a small house near a lake with beautiful scenery around it, very blissful. Going further on the next connecting road, you can go through Candal into Serra da Freita (Arouca). Bonus photo at the end of my motorcycle with beautiful Candal in the far distance. * You should start further down the N227 in the roundabout near Trapa (40.775621, -8.130521), there is a new segment that connects to the road drawn that does not appear in the map. Also, the photos were taken descending the road, so they're backwards.




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