This is the place where I learned how to guide a street motorcycle. It's placed on a sunny hill right on the exit of Bozen / Bolzano in South Tyrol. The Ritten itself is the place where people of Bolzano go in the summer in search for fresh air. The road and its surface are awesome - the tarmac is that grippy that even in the winter tyres suffer heavyly. It's hard to find places where the sun doesn't reach the surface - so you'll have always great view and grip. Mainly in the beginning turns come one after another in absolute short time. Most of the time you'll be tilted, and you can easyly touch the ground with your knees, if you want to. But pay attention: it's an open road with sometime heavy traffic - and because of the industry plants in Unterinn you'll likely meet some big camions and busses on your way. Best time to go there is in the evening, at the end of the week.




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