The Monte Jafferau is a mountain in the Hautes Alpes,with a highest peak of 2.805 m. The gravel road to the top includes several hairpin. This dirt track unfolds for over 20 km, almost entirely over 2.000 meters above the sea level. Just for 4x4. It's one of the highest mountain roads of Europe. There are some fairly rocky sections. It's possible to drive it on street tyres but you sure need good ground clearance (not doable with a normal streetbike). The last section(to the summit of Forte Jafferau is rough ! Don't do it on your own. the road from Gleise, via Hotel Jafferau and the ski slope (maintenance road) is closed for all motorized traffic ! The road going from Salbertrand to Monte Jafferau is possible, but you have to pass the (officialy closed) tunnel. You can pass it, but need good ground clearance and you can't do it on your own ! It’s open from May to October




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