This is a an Epic Route. A "must" to ride. Starting from a Ephesus near location and ending at wonderful campsite Lake Bafa. It sure has a wow factor. Check the photos to be sure. The whole route is joyful. Make sure to have drinking water and some snacks with you. There are not many accomodations in the central part of this route. But it is also the best part. Here you will pass through an paradise of umbrella pines with many tiny streams at some parts. Also coming closer to the decline you will pass through Cappadocia like scenery, which was also the inspiration for the Carians to make sculptures, for the first time in history. The best season for this route is from September to October, and from March to June. The road is mostly asphalt, tiny sections of broken pavement and potholes and some tiny bits off road are possible. You can easily ride on road tires. No need for off road tires. But the K60 could be helpful at some points, but are not a must. Keep your camera charged, as you will have many pictures at the end. The most benefit will be gained if you do the exact directions of the route I draw. Otherwise you will miss the scenery. For more information other routes or guidance and GPX files feel free to contact me. [email protected] Best regards. Peace and Ride.

"Caria Mid" Route from Tumer Gundem on Vimeo.




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