From Lainach Austria to Horn Germany the idea was to go on Grossglockner, and also visit the glaciar. Unfortunately the day stated with heavy rain, and hail which was gonna last almost all day. The conditions on the pass where nowhere near good, temperatures did not rose above 10, kept raining, heavy fog and high wind which led us to take the Felbertauerntunnel. Fist part of the road was all dark and rainy and could only guess the landscapes it would show if the weather would have been better. On the other side there was of course another story : rain passed, and one could see the mountains steaming, and enjoy the ride. Passing into Tirol via Gerlos Pass ( wow ) then into Germany via Fern pass ( wow again ). I felt a bit down for not being able to make Grossglockner exchange i tried to enjoy as much as i can the rest of the journey. PS: Gerlos Pas was not even turned out GPS made me a present :P




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