A must tour touching the peak of the island of Crete. Requires some off-road skills, as most of the road is gravel, not always hard packed and at some points you will come across stones, big stones, bigger than your bike stones, so heavy adventure bikes should avoid the tour, if you're not Arnold. The tarmac pieces are also terrific with a couple of decent and fast twisty passes. You will be riding from almost sea level thru a pine forest to the Skinakas observatory at 1750m, then turning back towards civilization thru tarmac roads and the revolutionary villages of Anogia - some say the Germans never occupied the village, where you can have a small pit stop on the square for some traditional Greek coffee and Zoniana - a granny carrying a machine gun is not something special there so just don't stare at anyone. You have reached the shade of Psiloritis, at 2456m is the highest mountain of Crete, and should grab a hard off-road trail on the ski resort - yes, you read it correctly, ski resort at the southern most island of Greece. You can there turn right to have a small-can-be-done-on-enduro-boots hike to the cave Ideon andron, a large limestone cavern system alleged to be the birthplace of Zeus, then back to the forest of Rouvas, descending to the village of Zaros and the nearby lake, and as I bet you are hungry after a full day on your bike, you can sit on the tavern for some nice traditional Cretan gastronomic experience.




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