Officialy closed road, but available to ride and it is definitely worth riding there!(Going there is probably quite illegal and you do it on your own risk - but give it a try ;)) Watch out for falling rocks and precipices! I bet you it will give you a blast of adrenaline! At the end of the road you will reach the white-red lantern and great views of giant cliffs (Los Gigantes). You can have a look at my photos (sorry for the low-quality)




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gets your blood going!




Like the review says, it's at own risk to drive this road, multiple signs will tell you. Though I've driven it several times and never had issues, but I would not go there in bad weather or heavy winds. Since you're riding next to steep clifs, the road can be full of rocks which come from the mountain sides due to the rain/wind. So wear a good helmet! hah! The end of the road definately is rewarding with the nice lighthouse and views of Los Gigantes!

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