THE MUPPET STORY:20mins from the centre of the Thessaloniki,in minicipality of Panorama,there is a beautiful plane trees forest protected by Natura. With two parking lots ,beautiful cafe restaurant with playground,zoo,hiking paths,picnic rest areas,lake with ducks and turtles set the scene of this pet friendly,suitable for kids site. This is what most people do when they come in this area. What most people don't know :p and you are about to find out ,is that there is a hiking path that connects this site with Dam of Thermi through a magical stream of Vathylakos. 9,3klm long*,on the edge of the two boroughs (Panorama and Thermi)relies an unknown wetland with enormous variety of flora and animals. *The original plan used to be that this path would have started from the roman aquaduct,would had gone all the way through Platanakia ,with final destination the Dam of Thermi,a 12klm long path. But unfortunately only 9klm of this path were utilized after all.




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