THE MUPPET STORY:"There is a magical place ,an enchanted plane tree forest.." Even we are not children any more,we are always excited about travelling to unusual places.And this forest,came out of fairytales indeed! We discovered at least 4 roads that lead to this forest. The first is 104klm away from Thessaloniki,is E24 coastal road that goes to Moudania,and then you take the road to Polygyros. Before you ender the village,signs tell you to turn right and ascent the mountain.Gps tells you its about 1h and 34 mins,but don't trust it,it's a very busy road,you can't speed up for long distances,and is recommended to stay away from this road in the summer months,because is the only road to chalkidiki,and there is always trafic! Second road is about 66klm away,you take the road E24 for about 15' and then you go for E16,is the road when ended up from Petrokerasa.Gps again,tells you it's about 1h and 15mins,but again don't trust it,there is good quality of asphalt but you can't speed up either here ,because of the villages. Speed limit goes 50-90klm/h. Third road,is E2 ,the old national road to Kavala and after Apollonia,you turn right for Arnaia village.As long as you find the village,you better ask for instructions because signs will mislead you.This is the longest,(2h and 25mins but as we already said don't you dare trust your gps on this one!),yet the most beautiful road,you can speed up for quite long with speed limit up to 90-120klm/h,very good road quality and the most challenging ascent of the mountain Cholomontas. Just imformatively,the fourth road we discovered is from our return from Pyrgadikia,but we didn't had the chance to take it. So after endless hours :p (it took us about 2.5hours to find it) you finally get to meet this fairytale forest,where at some point plane trees are so high,that sunlight never reaches your face. Hiking paths,mountain bike paths,horse riding will guide you through the protected forest around the village and you will find some great sites with unbelievable view,most famous ones are Mpara, Apolymeni petra,Sxismeni petra,Ftelia and Agios. An other famous site is Arkoudolakkas,which is a plane tree canyon with waterfalls and small lakes.In this place there is also a rogue,where you can go canyoning with ropes. These sports activities are usually organised by sports clubs in the village of taksiarxis,because in the forest there are wild boars,wolves,ferrets and other protected animals. In your return to Taksiarxis there are taverns and hostels where you can stay overnight.


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