Beautiful twisty road on the Mt Oeta (Οίτη). The upper road through Mavrolithari is the longest connection of Pavliani to Athanasios Diakos and in my honest opinion the most picturesque. Both small villages are interesting tourist destinations to say at least. Large parts of the road have been paved recently and there is no traffic, offering sheer riding pleasure. Unfortunately the road has not the same decent quality of surface in its full length and occasionally you have to slow down to pass through narrower parts. That isn’t a big problem as the serpentine road in many places offers great panoramic views of the mountain peaks of Vardousia, Giona and Oeta. So take your time and be prepared for many stops for pictures despite the fact that the comfortable bends urge you not to stop. Also don’t be surprised if you encounter a group of wild horses passing by on the road.


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