Magnificent point of view from the Sublime point, descent on the Maléne and one goes up opposite on the Causse Méjean by a very winding road, one then goes down again on the village "the Vines" in the gorges of Tarn, then direction "Le Rozier "From the Gorges de la Jonte, at Le Truel, you go up on the Causse Méjean by a very narrow and vertiginous road, on the causse meeting with the horses of Przewalski. We descend on 'Florac Trois Rivieres'. Then direction the Gorges du Tarn to the village of Montbrun, we then go back to the Causse Méjean by a very winding road, we come back to see the horses of Przewalski if ever we did not have the chance to see them on the first passage, We then descend into the gorges of Jonte by a very nice and winding road and the trip ends at the arrival of Rozier


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