Los Angeles to Jalama Beach can be used as the first leg of a wonderful trip up the famous Highway 1 along California's coast. There are cabins and tent camping at Jalama (reservation) but there are also many hotels along the way. I was going to show the L.A. to Big Sur route but it has been covered. The main idea here is to show Jalama Beach. A time-saving route for touring the Big Sur from Los Angeles is to go North on 101 from L.A. to Gilroy on Route 152 and then back South on Highway 1 so that you have easy access to the turnoffs on the right side of the road to take photos or to simply enjoy California's wild and beautiful Central and Southern coasts. If you get a chance, swing up to Santa Cruz and find you way to The Recycle Garage, a nutty and friendly hive of Motorcycle Misfits. Trust me, you will not forget it.


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