What if a rivers name was something more than a name? What if it was the description of one of the most extraordinary mountainous, rugged landscapes, sculpted by vineyards with the sweetest wine? Rio Douro gives its name to an imposing valley, which is much more than a valley transformed by the hand of men for several centuries for the production of the famous Vinho do Porto/Porto Wine. It’s also is gastronomy and traditions, dragged from generations to generations, from grandparents to grandchildren from parents to their sons and daughters. Mile to mile we feel the blood sweat and tears, from the effort of generations after generations to grow on granite and xisto walls to make vines of the most extraordinary wines take root. Turn after turn, sculptures appear shaped by the water, by the wind, by nature and impose themselves majestically on each black line of tarmac, composing a living painting in constant change, framed by an impressive gold ornamentation.


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