Ride trought Alvão Natural Park with passage through the dam and on the way to waterfall "Fisgas of the Ermelo". Fisgas do Ermelo is a Portuguese waterfall located next to Ermelo parish, Mondim de Basto municipality, Vila Real district. This waterfall is one of the largest waterfalls in Portugal and one of the largest in Europe, not precipitating an absolute vertical, it does so through a great barrier of quartzites forming a deep terraced. Its waters separate the granitic zones from the shale zones of the surrounding lands. The slope of this cascade, 200 meters long, has been dug over the millennia of its existence by the still but persevering waters of the Olo river that is born in the Alvão Natural Park. Before beginning the continuation of the waterfalls we have upstream crystalline water lagoons many used during the summer season. Access to the Fisgas de Ermelo can be done by the forest roads that connect Lamas de Olo to the locality of Ermelo or from Mondim de Basto and Vila Real via the EN304 road next to the village of Ermelo and the bridge over the Olo river .


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