Haliburton back to Haliburton through Algonquin Park along some of the best roads the Haliburton Highlands have to offer. Lots of places to stay in Haliburton: http://ridethehighlands.ca/ On a May long weekend it was virtually empty. If you're used to European or Asian road density, this will make you nervous with its emptiness! Roads are well paved for the most part, though they'll always have some Canadian winter heave in them. The odd time I got stuck behind a truck they pulled over and waved me by. You're crossing Canadian Shield, some of the oldest rocks on the surface of the world, and the roads twist and turn over and around them. It's topped by Canadian muskeg, lakes and woods. Algonquin Park is a natural wonder. You're likely to see moose and on my ride I saw foxes, bears and deer too. You haven't smelt cleaner air. You'll come back oxygenated and with your eyes full of Canadian northern beauty. Ride report here: https://tkmotorcyclediaries.blogspot.com/2017/05/any-day-on-two-wheels-is-good-day.html


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