The City of Budwar is a beauty. Old center is perfect to lose yourself in, through the small streets dotted with cafees , pubs, beer houses. But on the 10th day we moved forward toward the capital of Slovakia : Bratislava. As usual the GPS the day before shows you one thing and next day you find yourself on small, secondary roads, wide enough just for one tractor....not knowing exactly where you are...all you can do is move on, trusting that you will end up in the expected place....the mood lightens when suddenly in the middle of e village , on a bridge you see "willkommen in Österreich" " Well.....we're half way there :))....from small bumpy, narrow, roads to large , winding schenllstrassen,,,,i was starting to fill a bit down....the trip was coming to an beloved peaks were far behind...the raw green of the mountain gras was fading to yellowish-green...the terrain was getting more flat...somehow....i didn't want to get to Bratislava....there was the last major stop before getting home...but all good thing must come to an end sometimes.


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