"SP89 - Sinistra Leno" is a parallel road to SS46 Schio - Rovereto; Road with significantly less traffic then SS46, larger then SS46, much faster bends and no doubt better view! For those who prefer full 3rd and 4th gear, this is the place! Between Albaredo and Matassone the road is on the bridge and in that point offer spectacular view! In villages you'll pass trough be aware to respect the speed limits, 40 - 50 km/h. At Foppiano are two hidden fixed speed cameras and speed limit is 50 km/h; NOTA: The road is not long, do it twice to get familiar with and to see actual road conditions. Often there's some rocks on the road, fallen from the rocky walls from the side of the road and/or the sand used for winter grip. Both not pleasure to meet on the twisty road while speeding.




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