What exactly comes to your mind when you hear the word "perek"? For us,it was always some kind of pie or sweet,but we were not quite sure. So we hit the road to go to Perek estate to learn all about this kinda strange designation. You take the road 24,to Moydania,and you turn for Tagarades. From this point there is medium quality of asphalt,beware of the puddles!! You will pass one by one all villages,Tagarades,Agia Paraskeui ,Souroti(interesting enough if you want to visit the springs of mineral water and the factory that exploits it),Agios Antonios,and from there,the road splits,not exactly sure why ,because it leads you to the same point and then you will ascent the mountain to finally find village Monopigado and Perek estate is pretty visible form the road. Its history begins in 1999,when mrs Mouratidou,who's a biologist and reseacher had a vision of a women collaboration ,with emphasis to traditional cuisine. Ten years later,this project finds its home ,in this 10 acres multi purpose,pet and kids friendly site ,where you can drink your coffee or enjoy your meal and taste delicious wine, admiring the outstanding view,even organise your wedding in a luxurious hall,and of course buy traditional products from the copartnership. One last thing.Our instinct was right about what Perek was!!




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