Together with the Passo Pordoi, the Passo Gardena (Grödner Joch) and the less thrilling Passo Campolongo, the Passo Sella forms the very popular "Sella Ronda" around the Sella mountain range. The best direction for the Passo Sella is from south to north both in terms of riding fun and scenic views. The road and the corners become a bit narrower towards the top, but without being a real challenge. NOTE: (1) The Sella Ronda is very popular not only with motorcyclists. Therefore it´s very crowded during the main holiday season and on weekends and public holidays. (2) There are plans to temporarily close the road. In July and August 2017 the Passo Sella is closed every Wednesday from 9 a.m. till 4 p.m. for private vehicles with combustion engines. The road closures may be extended in the next years (also to other passes in the area).




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