Tonale Pass (Italian: Passo del Tonale) 1883 m, is a high mountain pass in northern Italy (more precisely beetween Brescia and Trento) across the Rhaetian Alps, between Lombardy and Trentino. It connects Valcamonica and Val di Sole. It is delimited by the Ortler Alps to the north and the Adamello range to the south. Roads start from Dimaro (766m over the sea level) for concluding in the beautiness of Ponte di Legno (1257m over the sea level), declared the "most famouse Italian winter sport and tourism checkpoint" (by: Touring Club Italiano) thanks to the presence of a lot of sports facilities (ski, MTB, golf, volley, basket, ping pong, karate and so on...). The famous bike cmpetition "Giro d'Italia" passed through the Tonale Pass a lot of times; in 2010 was used as the arrival point of the penultimate stage. Link :




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