The M552 is a marvellous road that crosses the "Serra de Arga" territory in the northern Portugal. This territory belongs to the municipality of "Caminha". Along the route we will find some little villages like "Arga de São João", "Arga de Baixo" and "Arga de Cima" (in total, they have around 160 inhabitants). Some streams of water and waterfalls are also visible, in particular coming from the river "Âncora" that is born nearby. Another interesting element of the landscape are the horses that inhabit the place. They are called Garranos and, although they are not exactly wild, we can see them running freely through the land. Be careful with them and sheep! This itinerary relates with this particular road but there are other roads around (on and offroad) that can be explored. It is a road to do calmly enjoying the landscape and the twisties. Although the surface is in good shape, it can be a little bit narrow in some spots. Special attention should be payed in blind corners. Although cars are very scarce. I hope you enjoy it.




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