First section of the Colle Delle Finestre is a narrow but paved road. Afterwards road turns into gravel. The Strada dell'Assietta, also known as Strada Provinciale (SP) 173 del Colle dell'Assietta, is a 34 km-long dirt road The road is almost entirely above 2000 metres altitude and so is only open from June 1 to October 31. several mountain passes between these valleys including Colle dell'Assietta (2,474 m), Colle Blegier (2,381 m), Colle Costa Piana (2313 m), Colle Bourget ( 2,299 m) and Col Basset (2,424 m). It is possible to drive this roads with a normal streetbike if you have driving experience. !! Road is closed for motorbikes on Wednesday & Saturday !!




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