This is probably the most beautiful road/route in Negros Oriental, especially if you want to stick to paved roads. Start going up to Ayungon along the sea side. This is definitely the busiest stretch, but well paved. The views are nice, but if you know it well, just get it out of the way at the start. From Ayungon into the mountains the scenery is gorgeous with some beautiful forest stretches, and mostly great views over valleys with rice paddies. Especially in july/august, when the rice is nice and green, its beautiful. The road is sometimes steep, but well paved. Only a few stretches are still work in progress, but tiny bits at a time, and easy with a scooter. From Mabinay to Bayawan, the road is more rural, winding through the hills downwards, still with sweeping views over the mountains both to the west and east, and all the sugar cane fields in between. From Bayawan, follow the coastal road south to Santa Catalina, and then take road that takes you through tons of twisty curves, back over the mountains again to Pamplona. The views to Mt Talanis on the south east, the Tanon Strait and Cebu to the (north) east, and the bays of Bais are awesome too. For the more adventurous with dirt or adventure bikes, there are tons of side roads to explore here too, and even some epic trail rides too.




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