The A39 is one of the longest and most important roads in the south west, connecting Bath with Falmouth. But while we wouldn’t rule out breakfast in Bath and a fish and chip supper in Cornwall, we’re focusing on the glorious stretch of road that lies between Minehead and Barnstaple. It starts off pleasant enough – a standard A-road with good visibility, sweeping bends and plenty of opportunities to pass slow moving caravans. But things start to get really interesting as you exit the village of Porlock. A red sign warns of an impending 1 in 4 hill, advising caravans to use the toll road to Lynmouth. Back in the day, Porlock Hill was the death of many vehicles, either through brake failure on the descent or the sheer struggle to make the climb. Of course, it will be no problem for motorcyclists, and the reward is a stunning ride over Exmoor, especially as you drop down Countisbury Hill and into Lynmouth.




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