Another beautiful Italian Classic Road. Try to come in the week outside of the holiday season, springtime is probably best. Enjoy the ride, the view, the food, well... enjoy




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A great afternoon ride, but heavy with tourists




A great, twisty, rather narrow road crossing several steep & beautiful seaside villages is a great ride overall, takes about an hour to do depending on traffic. Riding here during the peak summer months will guarantee tourist cars, a lot of scooters and busses, some of which are very wide and will almost always hold up all traffic while at bus stops. Also these buses are difficult and dangerous to overtake in the bendy roads and narrow, often one-way tunnels in the cliffs. They can make the ride less enjoyable, therefore I recommend taking this road both ways (with a coffee and pizza break in between) and going either off-season or doing the ride very early morning or dusk (particularly beautiful) as there will be less traffic. Oh and stop and buy some fruit from one of the merchants on the side of the road. I also recommend getting to this route by crossing the mountain range directly via SS366 or SP1 towards or from Pompeii which offers great views of Mt Vesuvio on the way.

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