Start this scenic stretch with a breakfast and donuts at the Apple House in Front Royal, VA by the North entrance. Being a national park the pavement is beautifully maintained. There is an entrance fee at the gate; you can pick between a one-time fee and an annual fee. Once on the drive, you are rewarded with breathtaking views of Shenandoah park. The drive definitely lives up to its name. Often times during the winter the park is closed as weather can get pretty treacherous up there. All other seasons are great - especially during the fall the colors of the forest are stunning. In one picture I am sporting rain gear - it's a good reminder to mention that spring and fall can get pretty wet in the mountains with quick changes in weather making it a bit unpredictable. Recommend bringing layers and different types of gear as available. Speed limits are 35mph, and they are enforced! I would not recommend speeding; however, the views are beautiful enough that you may not want to speed anyways. Overall very twisty, smooth pavement with plenty of scenic overlooks to stop and take in the views. The end of the drive leads you directly into Blue Ridge Parkway! You can continue on an equally beautiful stretch with a higher speed limit and no entry fees. There are plenty of other interesting roads splitting off the drive as well for those who prefer shorter rides.




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