The Martell Valley is located at the right side of the Etsch river. It starts at Goldrain (700 m), a little village surrounded by gigantic apple plantations, and leads you up to 2050 m, on a route of approx. 21 km. The track starts out flat, but then quickly changes to a gradient and winds its way up to a plateau in several serpentines. The Martell Valley is known for its strawberry cultivation - don't miss to stop somewhere to taste these sweet fruits. After passing through two villages, the road narrows, trees line the path, and the road continues upwards through numerous narrow, challenging curves. Although strawberries are still grown at high altitude, you will experience the feeling of being in an area left to its own devices. Impostant mountain formations fly by, and suddenly it appears, almost out of nowhere: the dam of the Zufritt Reservoir. A mighty concrete structure, on the side of which 10 ingenious hairpin bends lead up in close succession. The road leads along the water of the lake, and is reminiscent of the balcony streets in the south of France or Combe Laval. In autumn, the filled reservoir enchants with its intense color, and the discolored trees are reflected in its water. A winding, narrow road demands driving skills - one should not be distracted by the impressive landscape. Shortly before the end of the valley, the road climbs steeply upwards again over several hairpin bends. The Martell Valley is a beautiful spot of earth. It can be experienced particularly intensively on a motorcycle.




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