This is one of my favourite twisty roads close to where I live; I often stop in Woudrichem, which is a great little town for a coffee, ice cream, or lunch, and this dike road starts here as the river (Afgedamde Maas) connects to the bigger Merwede river here. The road is not very fast because there are many blind corners, and it goes through a few small villages. In between the villages speed can go up a bit, but mind the cyclists, parked cars, people walking, and so on. Expect the unexpected, and if you miss a corner, you could go through someone's ROOF... The scenery makes up for the lack of speed, especially in the summer... lots of things to see here, boats, little beaches along the river, nice homes, nature, and so on. Some of the curves are also quite challenging, so this dike is never a boring ride.




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