The Harz region is relatively quiet in terms of motorcycling, but it hosts some of the best roads for riding your motorcycle. There are several highlights in the Harz, this B85 from Kelbra to Bad Frankenhausen is one road to definitely include in your itenerary. Especially the first part starting from Kelbra is amazing, 36 consecutive corners uphill over just a couple kilometers length. There is a 30-50km/h speedlimit but often times it's even hard to reach that speed as you'll mostly be in 2nd gear. Overtaking is prohibited and rather impossible due to the curves following one after the other. Although the road is great fun, you should also ride with precaution as accidents do happen occasionally. It has several tight turns. There are not much places next to the road where you can stop for a break (so not much photos), nor is the view any spectacular as you're riding mostly in the forest. The Biker Oase Cafe 36 in Kelbra at the start of the B85 is a popular meeting place for bikers and car enthousiasts. It's especially busy during nice summer evenings and weekends. All in all, from quick&continuous turns perspective, this may be my nr1 for Germany. Enjoy!




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