This road is a must if you're in Schwarzwald. 40km of non-stop pleasure, some very fast sections and great surface. Sometimes you're in deep forest and sometimes you're on top of the hills and you might have a nice view. Pay attention that this road can be very busy during the week-end in the summer.




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Lourens Smak

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Great road




We started in Freudenstadt and ended in Baden-Baden (worth a visit by the way), and when I rode this road it was a grey day, not too warm... I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed by this very famous road, some parts are a little boring almost, especially given the speed limit at those places. If you have no fear of the Polizei, going faster helps a lot, then this road becomes so much better... Near the end there were some more exciting bits, with even a few (well marked) changing-radius curves that can be dangerous to beginners or when not paying enough attention. Definitely a road to include in a trip when riding through the Schwarzwald. Best enjoyed on a weekday I think; that's what we did, and there weren't many slow cars, busses, and so on. (and less Police)

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