First time in Greece with a bike and this was one of our first roads. We smiled and we embraced Greece as one of the best countries to ride your motorbike. Stay away in summer as too hot and stay away from the cities - for slippery asphalt and crazy traffic. Apart from that: Enjoy!!!




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Dimitris Gerempakanis

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Following the routes of the flocks !!!




This was the old road to Ioannina and it was very good when built (late 1960's). The scenery is fantastic especially during autumn due to the many different colours of the surrounding forests. Most of the route is aside to small or big rivers and that adds much to the charm during springtime. Wouldn't suggest it during winter as even around end of October and even beginning of March icy curves may occur where the sun does not reach. December and January is usually snowy but the road is being cleaned. You can stop for provisions in Neapoli and Tsotyli. Great place for pic nic and photos at the crossroad for Vouhorina which oversees the river. Definitely worth seeing the villages of Morphi, Agia Sotira, Pentalofos, Vythos. Great place to stop for coffee, tsipouro and traditional food is "Rema"at the village of Eptahori. Some of the curves may look great for fast riding but don't be fooled as the surface may suprise you in a bad way, as well as the flocks of sheep you may fall upon. Generally there is very little to no traffic at all. Enjoy.

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