10 checkpoints before travelling

Planning a motorcycle holiday? Be sure not to forget these items. You’ll save yourself a bunch of trouble, travel safer and it will leave you with fun only. No hassles. That’s not just a win-win. It’s a win-win-win!

Tyre Pressure

Wrong tyre pressure can drastically influence the way a bike handles and performs. There is no general rule or number for tyre pressure, because a lot depends on the type of motorcycle, the way you use it and the weight that it should carry? When you carry a passenger and lots of luggage, the pressure needs to go up by 2 or 3 bar compared to normal use. Don’t forget to check tyre pressure when the tires are cold.

Tyre wear

Just as important as the tyre pressure, is the wear. Make sure there is enough profile left in the tyre to last the total distance of your trip. Pay special attention to the middle section of the rear tyre. If part of the trip will put you on a highway, the rear tyre will wear faster in that section compared to your normal use. If you plan on changing your tyres, make sure you choose a tyre that is best for this specific trip. Tires like the Bridgestone S21 or T30 are multi usage tires and can handle sports riding as well as offering great mileage.


Chain tension

The basics of any preparation. Make sure you have the correct chain tension, but keep in mind that bikes that carry a heavier load might need a slightly lower chain tension.


Chain wear

Moving the chain sideways on the rear sprocket will give you a good idea about the chain and the mileage it still has in it. Give special attention the number of times you have to adjust chain tension in the week leading up to you trip. If this happens more often than normal, this is a sign that the chain is worn. Replace it before leaving and put some kilometres (or miles) on it before you leave. Then adjust the chain to the correct tension and you are good to go.

Oil level

This is a no brainer. Check the oil level and make sure it’s on its maximum. If your bike is up for maintenance, make sure this is done before you leave.


Spark plug

Make sure you take some spark plugs with you. They are ease to carry and a miss firing spark plug can cause major problems. Take one or two with you, just in case.

Check bolts and nuts

Check bolts and nuts mainly to see if they are tightened. It’s a 10-minute job to check this and it will avoid small problems (a loose fairing) or bigger problems (rear wheel moving, loose seat, …)

Air and oil filters

No brainer number two. Make sure you have a clean air filter and if you should change the oil, change the oil filter too.

Brake pads

How about those brake pads? Checking them is easy. Replace them if you suspect they won’t last the total distance plus some extra miles or k’s.

Grease and lube

Use lube or grease on all the important joints and moving parts (just don’t put the stuff on the brakes and discs.) Pay attention to the nuts and bolts too. Put some thin oil on it so they don’t break when you need to loosen or tighten them.

There, you’re all set to go. Remember you can use motorcycle diaries in planning your trip and we would be happy if you can share some new exciting roads you discovered during your trip. Ride safe and have fun!

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