The title of this tour, it comes from the three regions that lie along its path, Trentino region, Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. Probably for the most people, it is nothing new, but taking this route all in one breath makes it interesting, both from the point of view of driving pleasure for the beautiful roads full of bends and bends, but also and above all from the fantastic landscape and panoramas to be found. The tour has the beauty of nine between pass and forks: Monte Agaro pass (1630 m), Brocon pass (1615 m), Gobbera pass (988 m), Cereda pass (1372 m), Aurine fork (1299 m), Duran pass (1605 m), Cibiana pass (1530 m), Sant Osvaldo pass (827 m), Pala Barzana fork (840 m). Another intersting feature of this tour, are some points absolutely to see such as, the village of Cibiana and its murales, the Vajont dam and the scars on the collapsed mountain, the lake of Barcis. Have a nice trip !




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