These are definitely my favorite 21 kilometers. Beautiful landscapes of southern Spain, the province of Alicante. Winding roads among the hills, crossing the passes and hidden treasures among them. Already at the very beginning we have a preview of beautiful landscapes thanks to the view of the mountain - Puig Campana. We use road CV-770 , which leads us to the small, but picturesque town of Sella. From it we also have a view of Puig Campana, but from a slightly different angle and with this small town in the foreground. From this place we start a steep climb from 500 meters above sea level up to over 1000 meters above sea level over a distance of only 12 kilometers. We mostly ride in the woods. The road is very winding with a few narrow and steep inclines. Then we have a downhill ride to the town of Alcoleja from where we can admire the mountains around us and the pass we just crossed.




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