The North Sea Road (Nordsjøvegen) is a favourit. This adventure has everything to offer; curvy and narrow roads, fantastic landscape, spectacular views, and it offers great and interesting stops along the way. The whole route (if you include the Norwegian Scenic Route in north) is 340 km long, and you should split it in two days to allow yourself to enjoy the ride and the many stops you should include. When embarking the North Sea Road, you leave the soft skerries of Southern Norway behind you, and drive into the land of Vikings and fjords. You don’t want to pass Norway’s southernmost point, Lindesnes lighthouse, without paying a visit. On the short detour, stop and have a look at the reconstruction of the Sprangereid canal. This was a canal and a shortcut dug out by the Vikings to avoid sailing at least ten times longer around the Lindesnes peninsula to get home and into more calm waters in Lenefjorden. Continuing north-west, you will pass the photogenic Lista lighthouse on your way to Flekkefjord. From Flekkefjord your adventure on the fantastic road 44 can begin! Road 44 is a hidden gem of a scenic road, not only for motorcyclists. Ride through small villages, climb up and down small hills, through forest and rock formations, and along lakes. From Flekkefjord you will follow road 44 almost all the way to Stavanger unless you decide to take more detours… Before reaching Stavanger, you can also make a stop at “Domsteinane” and the famous sculpture “Swords in rock” (Sverd i stein). If you want to ride the full route, the Norwegian Scenic Route Jæren needs to be added to the northern part of the route. More info on my bucket list:




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