Nice little pass, which is just down the road from the Tourmalet pass (eastbound). The lower half of the climb, starting from Ste-Marie de Campan, is fast and flowing (but beware, there's quite some traffic too). Higher up it's narrower and twisty, as is the descent eastbound to Arreau: no separated lanes, bends are usually blind, narrow road. A typically slow French mountain road, not the best for sporty drives but splendid for the laid back touristical bike trip. The view during the descent to Arreau is splendid: if you cross the Pyrenees from west to east, it's the first spot where you notice the snow covered high Pyrenees peaks in the distance. I've captured this pass (up and down, eastbound) on video: see or search for Col d'Aspin K1300R on youtube. Enjoy!




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