The route is perfect to who love the calm and pure nature. A long of road you will see farms with mirandês donkey (portuguese protected specie), "pombeiros" the strange cages to the pigeons, and amazing hills. The region is knowed by "Arribas" because the the margins of Douro river is tall. The objective of route is take the rider to the best viewpoints of Douro International Park, in Portuguese border. Best season: Summer, because the fields are yellow from dry straw. But if you like the green fields maybe in Spring is better. If you have time visit: Castel of Mogadouro, Castelo of Algoroso, Mazouco Horse Cave Painting, Azibo river beach, AEPGA Protection Association of Mirandese Donkey. Dates: Middle of May, Ronda das Adegas Fest at Atenor village. First weekend August, RedBurros Air Show at Mogadouro Aerodrome. First weekend August, L Burro i l Gueiteiro, traditional Portuguese music festival. Coordinates of viewpoints Penedo Durão: 41.0468, -6.8192 Picote (Fraga do Puio): 41.39736, -6.36742 Freixiosa (Chapéu): 41.42484, -6.30799 São João das Arribas: 41.53991, -6.22251 Paradela (Penha das Torres): 41.5757, -6.19248




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