Ricardo Vieira

Ricardo Vieira

fährt ein Triumph TIGER 800

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Ricardo Vieira fährt gerne auf auf und mag

My name's Ricardo and I'm from Portugal. Like all, or at least most of the people around here, I love to travel by motorcycle. I ride a Triumph Tiger 800 road version since 2011, before I had a Honda Hornet 600, The motorcycle I started to travel outside my country, the farthest away was Italy. I know it wasn't the best motorcycle to travel, but I loved that bike so much I wouldn't care about comfort, and if wasn't an accident that destroyed the bike, probably, I would still be riding it. Destiny wanted me to change bike, so I did, and I'm happy with this Triumph Tiger ;) Well, I'll try to share all the good roads or POI that I can find :) See you.

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