Traveling on a motorcycle: 14 tips by Around Gaia


Traveling on a motorcycle is the dream of more and more people who want to travel. Feeling the wind in their faces, without depending on organised tours and experiencing the kind of freedom that only motorcycle travel allows.

Most people don't dare to start a motorcycle trip because they think it is too risky, it is too expensive or because they think they don't have enough experience riding bikes.

Well, let's start saying that we managed to make the dream come true and before we started we didn't even know how to ride a motorcycle.

More than 4 years later we completed a journey around the world visiting 69 countries spread across all continents.

If you want do a big motorcycle trip yourself these are the tips that we want to share with you:


#1 Pack light

You will replace your house with a motorcycle and everything you can take will be reduced to what fits in a couple of suitcases.

Learn how to leave things behind and focus only on what is necessary, especially with clothes: less is better.

#2 Take emergency supplies

They take up little space and when the time comes it is better to have them with you: first aid kit, matches, whistle, emergency blanket, energy bars, lantern, and some medicines for infections.

#3 Check the motorcycle every morning

Even when you do not have any idea about mechanics at least check the level of the oil, the cleanliness of the air filter, lubrication of the chain and the pressure of the tyres before you start your day on the road. 


#4 Take a look at the weather forecast the night before

Knowing which weather conditions you will face the next day will be essential to successfully completing the trip, especially if you are traveling through deserts, mountains or jungle areas.

#5 Choose gear for all types of weather

Weather conditions can affect your body a lot during motorcycle trips: the cold, the humidity, the heat or the wind can be an extreme experience if you travel by motorcycle, so your outfit will be your first barrier of defence.

Choose gear that keeps you comfortable and protected in all kinds of different weather conditions.

#6 Take enough breaks

When we are riding on normal routes, with asphalt and in good condition, we stop at least every 100 km or every hour and a half.

Taking enough breaks keeps your focus at an optimal level and will keep you safer on the road.

#7 Know the limits of your fuel reserves

Keep in mind how much fuel you have left in the tank at all times. Especially in desert environments where fuel stations are few and far between.

If you don’t plan ahead you will end up asking the locals for fuel.

#8 The most important thing is the journey and not the destination

Do not obsess about getting to a specific place at a certain time and do not exceed 200 or 300 km per day, just relax and enjoy the trip.

#9 Avoid highways

The real magic of a motorcycle travel can be found on small roads riding through villages and local communities.

#10 Keep motivated

There will always be problems on a motorcycle trip but these will be less stressful if you change your perspective and see them as an opportunity to learn and grow as a traveler and a person.

#11 Get travel insurance for yourself and insurance for your motorcycle

During our first trips we did not think it was a necessary expense but over time it became absolutely essential for us. 

It doesn’t matter if you have an accident or illness in your own country or in a foreign one, the cost of health care is usually very expensive.

#12 Stay hydrated

Drink water even when you are not thirsty because dehydration can be an invisible enemy. Sometimes you do not realize the physical exhaustion of riding a motorcycle.

You will avoid problems and you will recover faster from fatigue if you drink water frequently. We recommend that you carry a backpack with a water bag you can drink from while riding.

#13 Always wear ear plugs

Avoid destroying your ears after hours and hours of motorcycle travel by using earplugs at all times.

#14 Light meals

Traveling by motorcycle is easier if your body doesn’t have to digest big meals. Eat a light breakfast with oatmeal, fruit and yogurt and during the day eat some nuts or a little bread with honey, this will give you energy and help you to satisfy the feeling of hunger during the ride.


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